Early Smoke and Fire Detection SECURUS 90




Rauchschalter SECURUS 90 RSS

The Monitoring Concept

Smoke concentration and increase of temperature are the sustantial causes for device failures because they may often lead to the development of fires in the plant engineering.  By means of an appropriate monitoring of the cabinet interiors fire hazards can be detected at a very early stage.  


The Smoke Detector SECURUS 90 RSS works on the diffused light principle.  It can be directly installed in the cabinet on a DIN mouting rail TS35. This simplifies subsequent retrofittings. A highly sensible smoke and thermal sensor permanently measures the smoke concentration and temperature in the cabinet. Impending threats  are signalled by an alarm and forwarded to downstream devices.


An alarm is released, if the smoke concentration in the measuring chamber reaches a certain value or if the temperature exceeds 70°C. The internal relay with its potential-free contacts opens in case of alarm, error and operating voltage failure. The alarm is self-locking and can only be reset by a short interuption of the operation voltage. 


For a detailed description as well as for further technical data and assembly instructions,

please refer to our >>>"Datenblatt/Montageblatt Rauchschalter SECURUS 90 RSS"

(only available in German language!)



Rauchschalter SECURUS 90 Vernetzung

Connection and Alarm Transmission


Several cabinets equipped with Smoke Detectors can be connected with each other, supplied by a 24 VDC voltage supply. 
By wiring the potiential-free contacts accordingly,  the messages of the connected Smoke Detectors can be forwarded to external systems, i.e. a building control system.


The Smoke Detector SECURUS 90 RSS

• Optical smoke detection based on diffused light principle
• Measuring chamber monitoring
• Integrated LED displays the conditions "operation", " light pollution", "heavy pollution", "error" and "alarm" 
• Alarm threshold and temperature sensor
• Alarm is released if limit value for smoke concentration or temperature is exceeded 

• No use of radioactive substances 
• Internal relay serves as potential-free break contact (max. 30 VDC/1A)
• Designed for the use in standard switchgear cabinets 
• Quick and easy installation on DIN mounting rail TS35

• Screwless connection technology
• Two conductors per connection possible 
• Standard communication interface for optional status inquiries via PC

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