Revision Cover Wall System STW

Fire Resistance 90 min. (fireproof)


The Wall System SECURUS STW will be quickly installed by the EAS assembly team. The system provides a fire-proof closure for larger openings in installation shaft walls. The illustrations below show the systems' modular construction principle featuring one of many different possible arrangements of the wall elements. Thanks to its modularity, the system can be exactly adapted to the situation on site. So don't be afraid of big challenges: We are your specialists for complex building projects, where experience and high flexibility are in demand. Ask for your EAS all-round carefree package: We offer site measuring, project planning, production and installation as a one-stop service.





"Installation Revision Cover Wall System STW"




Large wall openings can be covered by connecting several Revision Doors SECURUS RV UPT90 with each other.

Within the minimum and maximum exterior dimensions you can combine single and double leaf doors in different sizes with each other. 

Also available as floor standing version. 

Min. / Max. Sizes


Minimum two and maximum five revision covers horizontally 

Maximum two revision covers vertically

Total exterior dimension of the wall system max. 3000 mm x 3000 mm

Maximum height of the installation shaft wall 4000 mm

Wall Types


Installation exclusively into fire resistant shaft walls in massive construction inside the building. 




The assembly will exclusively be executed by our trained EAS assembly team.

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