Fire Protection Enclosures SECURUS GH




Standschränke 30/90 min.



Floor-standing cabinets


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Wandschränke 30/90 min.



On-wall cabinets


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Fire Resistant Cabinets


Scope of Application


Fire resistant cabinets SECURUS GH are designated for the installation of electrical distribution systems, which in case of fire must have a functional integrity of at least 30 or 90 minutes. They are used in applications which serve to protect safety devices required by law and to store fire hazard materials in buildings with special safety regulations, like


  • Hospitals
  • Care centers
  • Industrial plants
  • Power plants
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • High-rise buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Airports
  • etc.


Construction / Execution


The fire resistant cabinets SECURUS GH consist of an empty housing with flush-mounted single or double door leaf. Between door leaf and frame there is a circumferential elastic smoke and fire system. Lock by turning lever for DIN semi-cylinder.

The empty housings are designed to be equipped with standard panels or assembly plates. The fitting with electric installations is provided by the customer. The available sizes are adapted to the current standard dimensions of the distributions.


>>> Cabinet Dimensions




Fire resistance duration of 30 resp. 90 min. was approved by fire tests with one-sided fire exposure ("fire from the outside") according to  DIN 4102-2:1977-09 ("Fire behavior of building materials and structural elements") and is certified with a general building approval “Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung”.


!!! This is new !!!

As of now we are able to offer fire protection cabinets with a fire resistance duration of 30 min to protect "the exterior area in case of a fire resulting from the inside of the cabinet".


Functional Integrity


Functional integrity can only be accounted for predetermined cabinets with definite installations and cannot be proven generally and independently from the objects to be installed. For selected cabinets of the series SECURUS GH, which were equipped with installations according to the individual requirements of the user, functional integrity has already been proved several times, e.g. for safety-relevant installations like fire alarm systems. 



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