Company History




The Company

The EAS Technischer Brandschutz GmbH arose from the EAS Schaltanlagen GmbH, which was founded in 1990 for the purpose of producing low voltage switchgears for industrial control and automation systems. Since then the development of the company has been characterized by continuous growth and steady expansion of the range of services.  The former product division „Fire Protection“ became an independent company in 1990, and was named EAS Technischer Brandschutz GmbH. Our product portfolio comprises a wide range of certified fire-protection enclosures and revision covers for the realization of economic preventive fire protection solutions.



The Company Founder

Friedrich Lorenz (1950-2013), company founder and trailblazer of the EAS success story, was a visionary with a sound sense of proportion. He had the farsightedness to recognize business chances and changes at the market at a very early stage and the courage to take and implement the necessary steps.


He responded to the constant demand for increased productivity in spite of falling prices with calmness and prudence. He was driven by the ambition to convince his clients with competence, inventiveness, reliability and quality. Even in difficult times he never lost sight of this objective.


This system of values is still the foundation of all our business activities.






Constructional Fire Protection

Together with a cooperation partner, in 1997 we started with the development and production of switch cabinets for the electrical engineering, made of fire-resistant panels. Only two years later we introduced our cabinet system SECURUS to the market.


With numerous product developments, like our fire-resistant wall system with integrated door elements, or our safety system for earliest possible smoke and fire detection in switch cabinets, we have become one of the leading specialists for technical fire protection.







Our Philosophy

We are committed to create attractive offers based on a balanced price-performance policy and to execute our orders on schedule with high product and service quality. This provides the basis for satisfaction and guarantees a long-term commitment with our customers. 


In spite of all requirements as regards to product quality and safety, we do not forget the human aspect. We want to offer our clients complete service and the best support as possible. This is not an unpleasant necessity for us but a mission that motivates and inspires us.


Carefulness, honesty and reliability are terms that also determine the social interaction between the colleagues across all hierarchy levels. This is the reason why we are able to communicate these values in a credible way.



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