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Cabinet Monitoring


Many fires in buildings result from the the electric installations. Therefore, the protection goals of the preventive constructional fire protectionmust be of prime interest for both the planners and the executing companies. This applies to new as well as to existing buildings.


In order to make sure that the planned executions and the applied products really meet with the current fire safety regulations, it is reasonable to look for qualified and experienced suppliers.


The tested and certified fire protection enclosures and revision covers of EAS cover a wide range of requirements and applications in the field of preventive fire protection, for example:


  • Adaptation of (new or existing) building objects to the applicable fire regulations


  • Creation of escape routes which are free from thermal loads by preventing the spread of fire and smoke in case of a fire in the installation shaft


  • Protection of safety-relevant installations by preventing the spread of fire and smoke to the inside of the installation housing in case of a fire from the outside


  • Minimization of fire damages and consequential costs


An intensive occupation with fire protection issues is indispensable. However, it is often regarded as boring or not creative enough. This, at least, applies to closures for revision openings or enclosures for electric distributions. For these items it seems that the strict legal provisions stifle all design ingenuity.


Our SECURUS fire protection products offer almost infinite freedom of design for the individual adaption to your building project. Choose from an almost limitless amount of colours and decors, without having to disregard the high fire safety requirements.



Rising quality requirements, increasing complexity of technological processes and the demand for permanent delivery capacities in spite of reduced warehouse stocks are the challenges industrial companies continuously see themselves confronted with. 


Only those who are able to provide a permanent availability of its installation engineering will survive in the long run. 


Therefore, any risk that could jeopardize a smooth operation procedure, like a breakdown of the electrical facilities caused by high temperatures and initial fires inside the switching cabinet, must be eliminated completely or at least reduced to a minimum!


The breakdown of one single cabinet may lead to a complete collapse of the operation system and means danger to life and limb.


A careful monitoring of the installation engineering inside the switch cabinet with our optical Smoke Detector SECURUS 90-RSS can reliably exclude the risk of a system breakdown!

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