Colourful Fire Protection!


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Fire Protection as an Inspiration


The SECURUS products from EAS offer almost limitless creative freedom in compliance with the high fire safety regulations. Our Fire Protection Enclosures SECURUS GH and Revision Covers SECURUS RV are built of materials, which, including their coating, are classified as non-combustible according to the DIN EN 13501-1 standard:


A2 (non-combustible)

s1 (no/low smoke development)

d0 (non-dripping)

Brandschutzgehäuse in Farbe

A Thousand and One Design Ideas



All our coatings are characterized by their high insensitivity as well as their scratch resistance and stability against heat and moisture. Therefore, they are excellently suitable for being used in the field of decorative interior design.


Apart from  a large selection of standard and special colours we are able to offer you all colours according to the common colour charts (subject to minimum order quantities), as well as printed pictures.


Our Trend Colours of the Year


SECURUS STANDARD (Available on stock with standard delivery time):

Basic white (similar to RAL 9010)

Basic grey (similar to RAL 7035)


>>> Trend colours SECURUS NATURE (Delivery time on request, no surcharge)

>>> Trend colours SECURUS COLOR (Delivery time on request, no surcharge)



Trendy colours for fire protection products

Ceramic Surfaces for Highest Requirements and Extreme Demands


Using materials with ceramic coating makes our SECURUS Fire Protection Products even more versatile and offers more creative freedom in the high-end interior design sector. Although the ceramic surface has a pleasant touch like velvet, it is very robust and durable. It perfectly fits into high-quailty wall designs, as it can be found in representative industrial and commercial buildings.


Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic effects the ceramic coating is being preferably used in areas with special hygienic requirements, like hospitals, swimming baths, clean rooms or laboratories.


Choose from a wide range of colours according to current colour charts, like NCS, RAL, Pantone, HKS - your design freedom is almost unlimted.




Wooden Decors for a Perfect Natural Experience



Are you a nature-loving person? Then you should choose from our versatile robust wooden reproductions or precious real wood coatings.


The generous choice from different wooden decors opens many design possibilities to give rooms in theatres, concert halls, hotels, etc., a warm elegant appeal, without having to compromise in terms of safety aspects.







Gang mit UPT-AKs mit Holzdekor
EASy mit Farbpalette

Please find our current brochure presenting the complete EAS decor programme >>>here<<<

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