System Components


The basic components of the Safety System are designed for the direct installation into the switch cabinet by means of a DIN mounting rail TS35. A number of system extensions is available to realize additional monitoring tasks. In the following please find more information about the different components and their functions within the Safety System.





Smoke Detector SECURUS 90-RSS-03


The optical Smoke Detector RSS is the central component of the Safety System. It permanently measures the values for temperature and smoke concentration in the switch cabinet and transfers them for evaluation purposes. The device operates on the stray light principle. A certain amount of smoke in the measuring chamber or a temperature rise to over 70°C will release an alarm. The device can be connected with the RS-bus via serial interface.




Smoke Detector Coupling Unit SECURUS 90-RKS-05


The Coupling Unit RKS can control up to 20 Smoke Detectors RSS which are connected on the RS-bus. Moreover, it may also be used to create cross-linked structures and to connect the Safety System with external systems.




Evaluation Unit SECURUS 90-AWG-05


The Evaluation Unit AWG is used as a central or local operating and display panel. In addition to the features of the Coupling Unit RKS it is equipped with a user surface with control keys and a LCD display showing the operating states of the connected Smoke Detectors RSS. It is used when cross-linked structures require addition local operating and query options for selected positions. 




Smoke Detector Display Unit SECURUS 90-RSA-03


The Smoke Detector Display Unit RSA signals and forwards the operating states of the smoke detectors within the Safety System as a group signal.



Power Supply AKKUTEC 2403 VDS C / Set of Accumulators

External power supply to provide an uninterruptible power supply for local system structures.  It must be obligatory used when the system is connected with a fire alarm system. In combination with the Set of Accumulators with 12, 17 or 24 Ah it ensures a stable power supply if the Safety System is used as fire detection system.



VdS Approval-No. G209166

Room Monitoring and Special Monitoring Tasks



Optical Smoke Detector SECURUS 90-ORS 142 / 144K


The Optical Smoke Detector ORS is a valuable supplementary device of the Safety System for monitoring rooms or strongly ventilated switch cabinets, like e.g. compensation systems. It is functionally identical with the Smoke Detector RSS.




Thermal Differential Switch SECURUS 90-TDS 247


The Thermal Differential Switch TDS 247 detects open fires even in rooms where operational disturbances like dust, smoke or steam are likely to be expected. The significant fire parameter for this device is the increase of temperature.






Ventilation Smoke Detector SECURUS 90-LRS 02


The Ventilation Smoke Detector LRS monitors ventilation ducts and room ventilation systems, which can be found in server rooms, etc. If smoke is detected very early, it is possible to intervene in time to avoid serious damages in the server technology.


Temperature Monitoring



Temperature Sensor Coupling Unit SECURUS 90-TKS


RISC ARM9-based embedded industrial computer with LAN, CAN and RS232 interfaces to connect and manage up to 20 Temperature Sensors PT100.



Temperature Senror Gateway SECURUS 90-TSG

Analogue-/Digital Converter which connects up to seven Temperature Sensors PT100 with a 2- or 3-conductor connection.




Temperature Sensors SECURUS 90-PT100


Slot resistance, cable lug and stainless steel tool for a selective temperature monitoring of arbitrary positions in the switchgear cabinet.

Automatic Extinguishing



Aerosol Extinguishers SECURUS 90-AEL


The Aerosol Extinguishers AEL automatically extinguish incipient fires as soon as the devices of the Safey System give an alarm. There are eight different sizes available, for protection volumes from 0,3m3 to 51,10m3, depending on the fire class.




Extinguishing Activation SECURUS 90-ALS


The Extinguishing Activation ALS is available for DIN rail mounting and can accept 2 Aerosol Extinguishers AEL.


System Software



Service Software



Program (free-of-charge) without service functions for the initial operation.



Service and startup software for the initial operation and for modification purposes. It offers many service functions, like save/delete history, change date/time, change thresholds and location indicators, archiving/configuration of the data.





Display and Service Software SECURUS 90-MMO-09


Display and service software for an easy and comfortable management of the Safety System from one or more PC workingstations simultaneously.


Designed as a full client/server application, the Display and Service Software SECURUS 90-MMO-09 administrates all data being forwarded by the Safety System by means of a central server service, which is accessed via network connection. All incoming messages of the Safety System are clearly displayed on a graphic surface. Since up to eight clients are allowed to use the server service at the same time, this solution also meets the high demands of a decentral access.


In the simplest configuration the Safety System is connected with the server service via our CAN/Ethernet-Gateway. On the CAN side this gateway is connected via the EAS-bus and on the LAN side via a freely selectable position with the existing company network.


After the IP-addresses were successfully configurated, the server service has access to the Safety System via TCP/IP protocol


Modbus- / SNMP-Gateway SECURUS 90-MSG


Compiles the data of the EAS-bus within the Safety System in the SNMP or Modbus message log.

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