The modularity of SECURUS 90 offers many advantages. Everything is possible, from a one-cabinet-monitoring to complex system solutions with extensive crosslinkings comprising large distances and several buildings. Thus, also small and medium-sized companies may benefit of the special features of a system for earliest possible smoke and fire detection at a very attractive cost-performance ratio.


Minimum Safety System


The smallest possible configuration consists of 1 to max. 20  Switch Cabinets equipped with Smoke Detectors RSS which are connected on the RS-bus. One Power Supply Unit NAS can supply up to 20 Smoke Detectors. A special wiring at the potential-free break contacts forwards single or group messages of the Smoke Detectors. 




Local Safety System


Add the Evaluation Unit AWG (alternatively a Coupling Unit RKS) to upgrade a Minimum Safety System into a Local Safety System. This configuration provides an earliest smoke and fire detection for up to 20 switch cabinets.

Dangerous developments in the cabinets as regards to temperature or smoke development can be detected and forwarded at a very early stage.




Cross-Linked Safety System


In order to realize even complex monitoring tasks for larger objects integrating multiple locations, several Local Safety Systems are connected with each other on the EAS-bus. Usually, in such a Cross-Linked Safety System an AWG takes over the master function. On the local level either AWG or RKS units can be used. The Display and Service Software SECURUS 90-MMO-09 provides smooth handling and maintenance. The access is realized via CAN / Ethernet Gateway.




Extended Safety System


If requested, a selective temperature monitoring at particularly sensitive points in the switch cabinet can be installed additionally. The configuration follows the basic principle of SECURUS 90. The measured temperature values are forwarded via TCP-IP network to the Temperature Sensor Coupling Unit TKS. The system is connected with the Cross-Linked Safety System via EAS-bus.

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