Application Area


SECURUS 90 is used where operational reliability and availability of the technical appliances shall be optimized. Each cabinet receives a risk observation, considering all the yet existing and possibly occuring weak points in detail, which will be compiled in a system concept. 


Facilities in question are e.g.


  • Facilities of the industry and building technology
  • Low-voltage systems
  • Automation systems
  • Low-voltage main and sub distributions
  • Strongly ventilated cabinets
  • Server Cabinets
  • Computer rooms
  • Electrical operation rooms
  • Rooms with a very valuable and sensitive inventory, like museums, etc.
  • Test rooms for industrial prototypes, etc. 




Example for a Typical Configuration


Click >>here<< to see a possible system configuration with SECURUS 90 at the example of a mid-sized industrial company.

The Smoke Detectors RSS which were built in the different switch cabinets are connected with the Safety System SECURUS 90 on a local bus system by means of special connection units (here: RKS)

At a central position (here: entrance gate) the arriving messages are displayed at the Evaluation Unit AWG, giving precise information on time and location of the incident.


At request, you may use our display and service software SECURUS 90-MMO for practical illustration and analyzing purposes.





Problems which might occur on site


  • Different (heat-) conditions
  • Different components/work sections
  • Unfavourable fitting conditions
  • Installation during ongoing production
  • Mechanical strain caused by production process
  • High dust or dirt level in the ambient air
  • High level of air circulation /waste heat
  • High smoke dilution because of existing ventilation




Reference Examples


Click  >>here<< to see some project examples showing the successful application of SECURUS 90.


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