Saftey System SECURUS 90



The Safety System SECURUS 90 permanently controls and analyses temperature and smoke concentration, being the most important potential sources of fire, directly in the switch cabinet. Messages about possible hazards are immediately transmitted to a central place, where problems can be quickly eliminated by internal forces.

Trust in the effective triple combination of a holistic switch cabinet monitoring – for your own safety: Earliest possible smoke and fire detection directly in the switch cabinet with optional selective temperature monitoring and automatic extinguishing in case of an alarm.






Earliest Possible Smoke and Fire Detection

SECURUS 90 detects even the smallest smoke particles and temperature increases inside the switch cabinet. If a certain preset threshold value has been exceeded, warnings will be forwarded to a central place. Thus, even covered fires can be  avoided before they develop. Should it be impossible to react quickly enough nevertheless, an alarm will release the automatic extinguishing system.






Selective Temperature Monitoring

In some cases, a selective temperature monitoring at particularly sensitive points may be advisable, in addition to a yet existing smoke and fire detection, for example if the switch cabinet its surrounding area is subject to special risk factors, like built-in devices which are very heat sensitive or if you would like to reduce failure risk factors like network overloads or high ambient temperatures.
The temperature monitoring devices can be attached to any surface of the built-in appliances. System failures caused by heat accumulation can be reliably excluded. This makes the smoke and fire detection even more efficient.





Automatic Extinguishing Function

Even the most reliable system is helpless against human failure or fires that develop rapidly.

Therefore, if it is not possible - for whatever reason - to respond adequately or quickly enough to a warning, an alarm will be released if an incipient fire is progressing.

In order to minimize possible smoke and fire damages, the automatic extinguishing function of the Safety System SECURUS 90 will extinguish a fire automatically within split seconds directly at its point of origin - in the switch cabinet.

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