Distribution Boxes RVS / RVF

Fire resistance 30 min. (fire retardant)




Distribution Box RVS 30


Equipped with DIN mounting rail and ground wire



Telecommunication Distribution Box RVF 30


Equipped with installation trough for LS terminal blocks





  • For the installation of LSA-Plus modules for telecommunication or ELA technology
  • Fits with all customary E30 cables




  • Casing for on-wall installation made of galvanized steel plate
  • Orange-coloured top with screw cap
  • Lining with fire protection panels respectively intumescent material at the cable entries




  • Certified acc. to DIN 4102 part 2 (FMPA Stuttgart)
  • General Building Approval by German Authority (DIBT Berlin)




  • Four flaps for on-wall installation
  • Fastening material inclusive


Product List Distribution Boxes

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AmountTitleExt. Dimension [mm] (HxWxD)Int. Dimension [mm] (HxWxD)Weight [kg]Amt. of cable entriesMax. inst. load
Distribution boxRVS30-082-082175x175x10082x82x4434xPG16
Distribution boxRVS30-155-155250x250x130155x155x8568xPG16/4xPG29
Distribution boxRVS30-255-155350x250x130255x155x85810xPG16/6xPG29
Distribution boxRVS30-405-255500x350x130405x255x85153xPG36/8xPG29/22xPG16
Distribution boxRVS30-405-405500x500x130405x405x85214xPG36/8xPG29/22xPG16
Distribution boxRVS30-655-405750x500x130655x405x85285xPG36/6xPG29/32xPG16
Telecom. distribution boxRVF30-155-105250x200x130155x105x8562xPG29/8xPG16
Telecom. distribution boxRVF30-255-155350x250x130255x155x8582xPG29/24xPG16
Telecom. distribution boxRVF30-355-155450x250x130355x155x85102xPG29/24xPG16
Telecom. distribution boxRVF30-355-355450x450x130355x355x85174xPG29/42xPG16
Telecom. distribution boxRVF30-605-355700x450x130605x355x85254xPG29/42xPG16

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