Our Fire Protection Knowledge for your Safety!


Bild vorbeugender baulicher Brandschutz


Technical Fire Protection made by Specialists


Preventive Fire Protection Specifications


The Preventive or Constructional Fire Protection deals with the adaptation of building objects to the current legal fire safety regulations. For many years already we have been offering economic and high-quality user solutions with our fire resistant Enclosures and Revision Covers.


Individual Solutions for Different Requirements


We should be very happy to be at your service, especially when it comes to tricky on-site situations or customized solutions.  Please let us know your specific tasks! Our qualified specialists will carefully check the viability of the project you have in mind. On request, we will provide you with the necessary usability proofs based on the specific project parameters.


Contact us if you need any further information on the following subjects:

  • Partition of Installation Shafts
  • Fire Load Insulation
  • Protection of Escape Routes
  • Encapsulation of Electric Installations
  • Protection of Electrical Systems and Equipment
  • Functional Integrity

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