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Products for Constructional Fire Protection


Fire Resistant Enclosures and Revision Covers


The preventive, constructional and plant-engineering fire protection deals with the adaptation of building objects to the current fire protection requirements. This is the field of business in which we have been working successfully since many years. Initially, as part of the EAS Schaltanlagen GmbH, which was founded in 1990 and later, in 2009, as an independent company, the EAS Technischer Brandschutz GmbH.


We are your Specialists for Fire Protection Issues


We should be very happy to be at your service as well, especially when it comes to tricky on-site situations or customized solutions in the field of constructional preventive fire protection.  Please let us know your specific tasks! Our qualified specialists will carefully examine the feasibility of the project you have in mind. On request, we will provide you with the necessary usability proofs based on the specific project parameters.